Just a few bits and bobs still to go into trunks for Mexico.

Can you imagine packing for this trip? Two horses to PA – night temps have been as low as 8 degrees, so some warm blankets, rainsheets for turnouts. Then, on to Morven Park – hot through the day, cool enough to need ‘something’ at night, but, of course, it will have to be lighter than the one for PA.  Finally, one goes south to Florida – now you are talking coolers and fly sheets, but the equipment also has to be split at this point when the second horse returns to Canada, once again stopping over in cooler PA. And the people clothing is just as complicated. Then, try to squeeze all the equipment you use on an upper level event horse at an important FEI three-day event into little Stanley trunks. Don’t get me wrong, they are great trunks, but EVERYTHING????  Eek!

Fortunately, Anne Marie and Emma are past masters at packing ridiculous amounts of equipment into tiny little spaces. A third Stanley trunk materialized from Emma’s tack room, and finally they managed to pack and load the horsebox. It’s not a sport for the faint-hearted.

Two more after this one, making four in all.

Our barn is left bereft of staff with Anne Marie and Selena gone for over a month.  Today was our ‘non riding’ day, and after the early flurry of activity as the horses were loaded and the trailer pulled out, the place felt unnaturally quiet

There is talk of the Canadian horses (and equipment) being quarantined in the USA for seven days on the return trip. This is another logistics nightmare that we have to work out as soon as Selena gets finished with Morven. She will need her equipment for Colombo’s trip to Galway 3* and she will need it before seven days are up!  

The really good news is that the no supplement rule continues to be ‘under discussion.’ We are hoping this means that we are going to be able to take Woody’s supplements with us after all.

Selena brings Foxwood HIgh on board.

Colombo with Anne Marie, waiting his turn to load.