Star Crossed Horses

Show business by itself is a fascinating subject; add a horse, and it gets even more interesting. Ever wondered what it's like to ride on camera? Or how a certain scene was filmed? Are you curious about the stars from your favourite horse-themed TV shows and movies?

Join freelance writer Carol Hansson as she goes behind the scenes to learn the secrets to producing compelling television and film incorporating horses. She will talk the actors, trainers and wranglers who make it all happen, and learn how they have been affected and inspired by their four-legged co-stars.

Celebrities, just like anyone else, are affected by the people they work with - even if that "person" has four hooves and neighs. Some horses are especially memorable, some scenes cannot be forgotten. Even if a horse is only in someone's life for a short time, an impression is made. From everyday horse lovers to the most famous of celebrities, horses leave hoof prints wherever they go.

Meet Ride TV Founder Craig Morris

Ride TV is a new television network that was recently approved by the CRTC for airing in Canada. With shows like Rock Star Vets, This Old Horse and Horses That Heal, this network will appeal to equestrians of all ages read more

The Saddle Club’s Lisa Atwood, aka Lara Jean Marshall

Most horse crazy girls will remember The Saddle Club book series, by Bonnie Bryant. In 2001, the first episode of the TV version of The Saddle Club aired; it is now available on YTV in Canada. Lara Jean Marshall played read more

Meet Miranda Frigon Heartland’s Janice Wayne

Miranda Frigon is known to most Heartland fans as Janice Wayne – at one point in time, she was a love interest for Tim (Fleming). She was most recently on Supernatural, but has also been working on her own music read more

Go Behind the Scenes with Heartland’s Director, Dean Bennett

Dean Bennett has directed 39 episodes of Heartland, including the pilot, in addition to A Heartland Christmas. He has directed the last five season finales – from Season 4 to Season 9 – and directed this weekend’s finale, “Greater Expectations.” Heartland read more

Talking with TV Star Jason Cermak

From Supernatural to Once Upon a Time, Interstellar and Heartland, Jason Cermak has been in multiple productions – including those featuring or including horses. He has also appeared in Zoo, When Calls the Heart and Psych. 1. Tell us about read more

Chatting with Heartland’s Jade

Heartland fans first met Jade Virani, played by Madison Cheeatow, in season 7, episode 8, titled “Hotshot.” Throughout the seasons – and the years – Jade lands herself into heaps of trouble, just like any young adult. However, more recently read more

Meet Tasya Teles, The 100’s Echo

Tasya Teles plays Echo in the CW’s show The 100. As Tasya explains, the show is about a post-apocalyptic world, that has little to no technology – as such, horses are quite common. Tasya has also appeared in Prison Break, read more

Game of Thrones’ Ross O’Hennessy

You may recognize Ross O’Hennessy from the popular Game of Thrones, The Musketeers or The Bastard Executioner. When reading this interview, you might also recognize the name Sultan – this horse gets around. Not only is he the horse from read more

Talking with Ty of Heartland

Earlier this year I had the chance to visit the set of CBC’s Heartland and chat with Graham Wardle, who has been playing Ty Borden for the past 10 years. Graham’s character has quickly grown to become one of the read more

Heartland’s Michelle Morgan, aka Lou Fleming

Heartland fans will instantly recognize Michelle Morgan as Lou Fleming – Amy’s older sister, who is opinionated, but yet always has her heart in the right place. As a fan, it has been interesting watching Michelle play Lou, as the read more

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