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Join master saddler Jochen Schleese, of Schleese Saddlery and Saddlefit 4 Life®, as he works to solve fit issues and help horses all over North America. Each week, Jochen will share his experiences dealing with horses at all levels, with all sorts of saddle fit and behavioural issues caused by poor saddle fit.

You will also meet several knowledgeable independent fitters, who travel all over the world on a quest to ‘protect as many horses and riders worldwide from long term back damage,’ some key industry professionals, including Jane Savoie, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, Dr. Joanna Robson and Dr. James Warson, as well as Schleese clients, who all have a tale to tell. The stories will make you laugh, maybe cry, but always think.

Dr. Sue Dyson ‘Gets It’

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Sue Dyson in person, however, I very much appreciate her professional insights as a veterinarian regarding the necessity of proper saddle fit. She was a guest speaker at a recent National read more

Working with Equine Professionals

I founded Saddlefit 4 Life® a little over ten years ago with the tagline “a global network of equine professionals working together to protect horse and rider from long-term back damage resulting from poorly fitting saddles.” It’s a mouthful, but read more

Fitting Asymmetrical Horses

If you had a child with scoliosis, or one leg shorter than another – would you force them into wearing ‘normal’ shoes because you were under the misguided view that you could ‘force’ them to walk straight, to be even read more

Fitting Western Saddles

I have been asked now several times to address the subject of fitting western saddles, and have done some presentations on this at both the Certified Horsemanship Association Conference and the Western States Horse Expo in CA. As you may read more

Saddle Pad Dust Patterns and Sweat Marks

Horses sweat just like humans in order to regulate their body temperature. Horses have what are called “apocrine” sweat glands. There is a gland at the base of every hair. Therefore, the number of sweat glands is related to hair read more

All About Saddle Trees

I often get asked about my opinion on the latest and newest saddle designs appearing on the market. I have to of course be very careful about what I say, lest my comments are taken ‘on the record’ and possibly read more

Harness the Power of Horses for Cancer Therapy

I came across this article written by Jenny Holt on a website called and it really hit home, especially since we have several people in our circle of friends, acquaintances, and clients who have dealt with or are dealing read more

Saddle Fit and Equestrian Aid

We drove down to Florida about a week ago, and had snowstorms pretty much to the bottom of Tennessee. Then we decided to continue on through Atlanta and spend the night after about 17 hours of driving – with everyone read more

Saddles for Little People

I have taken over the first blog of the year as Jochen is finally off for a week between trips and I have a story to tell that is a little bit different than what you have come to expect read more

What to Watch for When Buying a Saddle

This being the Christmas season with presumably at least some riders hoping for a saddle under the tree I thought it would be worth repeating some key points I have previously touched on. In essence you may use the “9 read more

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