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Cushioning the Blow

When to create comfort with hoof pads and packing materials....


Winter Hoof Care Woes

Learn how to recognize and deal with winter hoof care woes....


What Should I Do if My Horse Punctures a Hoof?

Melissa McKee, DVM, explains what to do if you discover a nail or other penetrating object in your horse's hoof....


Understanding Hoof Angles

Master farrier, Hans Wiza, explains how the angle of your horse's hooves affects the mechanics of his stride and posture....

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Saving Sunny

A journey through founder...


Is my horse better off with or without shoes?

Analyzing the pros and cons of shoeing horses....


Hoof Mechanics Makeovers

Farrier Hans Wiza uses three different case studies to demonstrate how even just one geometry-based shoeing can make a huge difference in a horse's hoof conformation and movement....


Coronary Band Injury: More Than Cosmetic

An injury to the coronary band can have long-lasting effects, from a small blemish, to disrupted hoof growth and permanent disfigurement. ...

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Maintaining Healthy Hooves for Life

Horses' hoof care needs change over time. Find out how to encourage and maintain healthy growth for all ages and stages....

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