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How to Cool Down your Horse

Anne Gage shares tips for giving your horse a proper cool down after exercise. ...


Tick Talk

The incidence of tick-borne diseases in horses is increasing in Canada, possibly driven by climate change. ...


New Cells, New Hope

Stem cell research has led to new cells giving new hope to horse owners as an effective tool to repair damaged tendons....


6 Diseases You Can Catch From Your Horse

Find out which gross and potentially fatal diseases you can get from your horse, and how to avoid them....


Equine Infectious Anemia in Canada

Learn how environmental factors and management practices contribute to Equine Infectious Anemia, the disease also known as Swamp Fever....


Colitis Kills

When ‘the runs’ become life-threatening....

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Is Floating My Horse’s Teeth Really Necessary?

Get an inside look at the importance of regular dental check-ups for your horse....


What do Hoof Rings Indicate?

Find out what the rings on your horse's hooves mean....


Getting it Straight – Foal Limb Surgeries

The debate continues on the merits of foal surgery to enhance the athleticism, soundness and longevity of racing prospects. ...

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Does My horse have Equine Metabolic Syndrome?

Learn how to recognize this metabolic disorder and minimize the damage it can cause....

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