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How Do I Manage Bleeding Wounds?

Melissa McKee, DVM, offers advice on managing bleeding wounds....


6 Diseases You Can Catch From Your Horse

Find out which gross and potentially fatal diseases you can get from your horse, and how to avoid them....


Ask Us – Joint Supplements

A look at joint supplements...


Tooth Problems in Older Horses

Find out which dental issues to watch for in senior horses. ...

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Winter Care for “Delicate” Horses

Winter can be tough on senior horses and other hard keepers. Get tips on how to get them through comfortably....


The Well-Stocked Equine Medicine Cabinet

Find out how to stock your equine medicine cabinet simply and sensibly. ...


The Mosquito Triple Threat

Canada's foremost expert on mosquito-borne viruses is warning that we are due for outbreaks of WNV, EEE and WEE. Find out what you can do to protect your horse....


Equine Genomics: A Treasure Hunt for Answers

Researchers are working hard at finding solutions for genetic disorders and inherited diseases. Get a glimpse into their vast and mysterious genetic treasure map. ...


Taking on the Pain

Pain produces an individual response in horses, which makes it harder to assess the degree of suffering but the sooner we recognize a problem, the better our changes are of resolving it quickly....

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Lockdown – EHV-1: can we contain this highly contagious disease?

Infectious equine diseases have been a part of horse owners' lives for generations. ...

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