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Winter Care for “Delicate” Horses

Winter can be tough on senior horses and other hard keepers. Get tips on how to get them through comfortably....


What do Hoof Rings Indicate?

Find out what the rings on your horse's hooves mean....


Pasture Poisons

While there are hundreds of species of weeds that are toxic to horses, the following are the most widespread in Canada. ...

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Genetics: Circadian Rhythms and Racehorse Performance

New research on a horse's biorhythms and gene reaction....


Pigeon Fever

The good news - and the bad news - about a disease that has nothing at all to do with birds...


Complications in Late-Term Pregnancy

Your mare was successfully bred, confirmed in foal, and made it through the often precarious early months of pregnancy without any problems. You heave a sigh of relief and relax, thinking your mare is home-free ... but is she?...

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Grinding to a Halt

No matter what you call it, exertional rhabdomyolysis (a.k.a. tying up) can be an alarming condition....


Q: How can I make weaning less stressful for my foal?

Assuming your foal is healthy, has been eating feed and hay, is four to six months old and showing signs of independence, he or she is ready to be weaned. ...


The Gentle Touch

Learn how to give your horse a really great back rub, from registered equine massage therapist, Lindsay Day....


Can’t Move a Muscle: Tying Up

While tying up can be a one-time occurrence, certain horses are predisposed to repeated events warranting diagnostic investigation and preventative action....

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