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Cough! Cough! Equine Respiratory Disease

Your horse is coughing. Does he have a simple cold that will be gone in a few days, or is it something more serious? ...

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Conformation (part 2): Legs

Now that you have an idea of your horse's general shape, take the time to examine the most important part of his conformation: his legs....


The Lowdown on Laminitis

While research into this devastating disease is ongoing, many aspects remain a mystery to experts and horse owners alike. Get advice on how to cope with a horse who suffers from it. ...

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Cushioning the Blow

When to create comfort with hoof pads and packing materials....

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Separating the “Boys” from the Boys

Find out when, why, and how stallions are castrated, with advice on proper handling and aftercare. Also learn why some horse owners opt to 'spay' their mares....


Equine Rehabilitation

Learn about the latest physiotherapy treatments designed to optimize performance and aid in rehabilitation....


Administering Oral Medications

Learn how to make administering oral medication, such as dewormers, stress-free....


What’s New in Equine Research

Updates on equine research across Canada from stem cells, sudden-death syndrome, proud flesh and other pertinent racehorse ailments...


The Mosquito Triple Threat

Canada's foremost expert on mosquito-borne viruses is warning that we are due for outbreaks of WNV, EEE and WEE. Find out what you can do to protect your horse....


Cooling Hot Horses

The summer heat can be deadly to your horse...

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