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The Perfect Braid Job

Beautiful braids are not only for looks; they enhance a beautiful neck and show respect for the judge, the show management, and your fellow competitors. Years of practice and attention to detail are the only ways to achieve the impeccable, uniform br...


Mane Trimming without Pulling

Does your horse hate to have his mane pulled? Here is a quick and easy way to trim a mane without having a battle royale, whether for the show ring or just to give your horse a cleaner and tidier look....

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The Perfect Tail Braid

At major shows, leaving a tail unbraided can make your turnout look unfinished; a tail with a pinwheel finish is the icing on the cake of a beautifully turned-out horse. While delicate tail hairs can be saved by not braiding for small shows or unrate...


Pro Grooming Tips

A well-groomed horse is about far more than just elbow grease; it reveals a lot about the overall professionalism of the barn. ...

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Shiny, Happy Horses

Treat your horse to a luxurious bath using a vast array of shampoos and coat products to make him sparkle!...


The Perfect Body Clip

A full body clip is most often given to horses that will be competing year-round and need to be presented in ring-ready condition at all times. ...


When to Clip Away so the Horse Can Play

There are several benefits to clipping and blanketing your horse. Get an expert’s advice on how to do it correctly....


How to Clean Brushes

Q: How can I keep my horse's brushes clean and in good condition?...


How to: Become a Career Groom

Dear Horsepower: I love horses, and I'm pretty handy with a body brush, so I've been considering a career as a professional groom. How do I go about that? - A.R., Langley, BC...

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The pros and cons of cosmetic grooming for your horse....

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