Queen's day in Veghel, the town next to where I live.

Sorry for such a long delay in between blogs!

I have had a busy last month with lots of visitors, which has been great :).

My mom came to visit for 10 days. It felt like Christmas when she opened her suitcase. She had brought all my little favourite things from home like my teas from Whole Foods and my oatmeal that I can’t find here. Always nice to have a little bit of home when you’re not home. My mom and I did some other fun things together I must say I was thrilled to spend time with her.

She also met Edward for the first time since I bought him. She really liked him and I must say he is coming along great. I have this jumper rider riding him for m. He is well behaved, but still only three, so I thought its safer to have him ride Edward for the first few months.

I also had Carmie and Lana come visit me looking at young horses. So we had a great time shopping around. I have a really great contact from where I bought Edward for young horses. It was a successful trip and a dangerous one. You want to buy all of them they’re so cute and talented. It’s a good thing I don’t have an unlimited cheque book, or I would have a big family of horses.

Queen’s day was a few weeks ago. It was a sea of orange everywhere. It is the one time of year I wear orange. Queen’s day is like our Canada day. A big, big celebration.

Everything else has been going well. I have been training hard in the gym with my trainer. I missed a week while everyone was here, but I’m back in the groove now and it feels good!

It’s been really whacky weather here. Felt like summer one moment, then we sprung back into winter with hail storms and big thunderstorms.

The next few weeks are not as busy – just getting back into my usual routine again. It looks my dad has some meetings coming up, so he’s coming for visit also. Love family time 🙂