Meet Edward!

A lot has happened over the last month…

The biggest news is the new team member for team Duncan. His name is Edward – a three-year-old stallion by United/Damiro. I am totally in love with him. He is so easy to handle and it is a pleasure to ride him. I am really excited to see what the future brings with him. I am keeping him at a stable close to where I live, about five minutes. This past weekend was Edward’s first outing to the AES Stallion Keuring, where he was licensed. He behaved like he was an old pro he went into the ring “strutted” his stuff. I was a very proud mommy at the end of the day :)! Here’s a link about AES from

My dad was just here for a little visit, which coincided with my birthday. So, I ended up having a great birthday weekend with my dad and Edward. I really enjoyed my time with my dad. It had been awhile since we had some father/daughter time. But, of course, our time was all spent with the horses and some great dinners out. For my birthday we went to this place called Marks BBQ. It’s a really great little restaurant in Uden, the village where I live. It’s simple food and is exactly what the name stands for. BBQ food feels like you are eating in your own backyard. We have been having fantastic weather over the last two weeks. So it’s really starting to feel like summer and BBQ was very fitting.

This weekend is also full of adventures. I am going to Cirque De Soleil. I have been wanting to catch the show forever! I am going with Joanne and her daughter. I will make sure I give a full of update of the show.