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I’m Pippa Cuckson and have been part of the furniture in the UK equestrian media for over 35 years, associated mostly with Horse & Hound and more recently the Daily Telegraph. Some of you may recognize my name from my more recent campaigning for a clean-up of endurance in the Middle East, and for the "phantom rides" expose. Endurance ended up becoming something of a global cause celebre, for which media colleagues around the world have generously recognised me, with a couple of awards.

I would not presume to label myself as an "investigative journalist," though I would love to receive your suggestions about any other subjects you feel wants putting under the microscope. And when I am not doing any delving, I look forward to sharing with you my personal ruminations about the overall European scene.

It’s Official: Speed Kills

You don’t need to be much of a horseman to know that if you persistently and rigorously work an unsound horse, it will break. Now, though, we have compelling scientific evidence that the intensive training techniques and high competition speeds read more

Why Jumpers Feel Over-Faced by “Paying to Play”

There had to be a few catches in the out-of-court settlement between the FEI and Jan Tops’s Global Champions League. Last week we started to find out what they are. In a flurry of get-togethers by those who have seen read more

Conference Fatigue

I have been to all but one of the FEI Sports Forums in Lausanne, Switzerland every April since its launch in 2012. The format has changed from the first year, when it spanned three days often with simultaneous debates in read more

Nine Suspensions in Dubai – But is it Quite What it Seems?

Sceptic has become my middle name. Ideally, I would prefer to think that today’s nine Dubai rider/trainer provisional suspensions for doping offences in endurance plus news of the Emirates Equestrian Federation’s (EEF) plans to reduce fatalities represent a turning point in the read more

More Sports Than Jumping Should Celebrate the GCL Settlement

What a relief that the FEI has settled out of court with the Global Champions League. On the face of it, the good news is mostly for the elite jumpers who can continue chasing the humongous Global tour prize-pots, and read more

Why I Am Still Uncomfortable About Celebrating the Ordinary

Please indulge me for a few paragraphs – there is a point to my recounting my amazing Christmas break in Russia. A concert pianist friend invited me to Maestro Valery Gergiev’s International Piano Festival at the famed Mariinsky theatres in read more

Shut it Down. Right Now.

If you want just a glimmer of understanding about what officials are up against in UAE endurance, watch this interview during a FEI ride at Dubai International Endurance City (DIEC) on Wednesday (January 4th). It’s nine minutes of hysterics in read more

Being Social is Not Always Enough

Sir Lee Pearson, Nick Skelton CBE, Charlotte Dujardin CBE, Anne Dunham OBE, Sophie Christiansen CBE, Carl Hester… nothing! How the hell did that happen? That is the question posed on social media this week by irate and/or bewildered Carl fans, read more

Still a Bit Leery About What Happened at Lier…

In dressage, everyone has a personal opinion on the rights and wrongs of judging being a matter of personal opinion. But there is a limit, as we are reminded with the recent dismissal of the appeals of Ukrainians Iryna Shulga read more

Olympic Format Change: It Isn’t Over Yet

It’s not over till the fat lady sings.The jumping riders are not going to take the controversial Olympic format changes lying down, whatever the vote of the FEI General Assembly last month. At the end of a sometimes heated couple read more

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