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Photo of Alex

"What were we thinking?!!!!" That’s the question my husband, Bill, and I asked ourselves when we brought home Zelador and Zeloso, two weanling Lusitano colts, at the end of December in 2004. Our combined ages exceed 112 years and our other two horses were eight-years-old and seven when we bought them. We had never worked with youngsters, didn’t know how to work with youngsters and there we were...

To say that we are having the time of our lives would be an understatement. The two Z's led us to liberty training, Working Equitation, tricks (including the bow, the smile, mounting pedestals, pushing large balls) and with any luck, carriage driving. They will begin their jumping education this month and for the past two years have explored classical horsemanship (work in-hand, long reining and work under saddle).

Their adventures and misadventures are chronicled in this blog. I hope you enjoy watching how quickly these two are training us!

New channel, same videos

The person creating the youtube channel for the Equine Orchestra created a new channel and removed the old one. He has about four or five more videos to add. This will be done in the next month. Hope you enjoy

New Dance Routine?

This morning the arena thermostat read minus 11 and the wind chill to get there and back was -25 to -30. Brrr! I worked with Zelador at liberty, then Zeloso. With Zelador we’re developing a new game where I toss

The makings of an orchestra

Holiday greetings! Here’s a project we’ve been working on with the horses. As you’ll see in the youtube video some filming took place when it was WARM outside!    

Basketball Hoop

Much to my AMAZEMENT when Bill got home from work, he threw himself into creating a basketball hoop for the horses. We took it to the lower barn at night feed and tested it with the horses there. Everyone but

Sadie circa 1972

I thought you’d enjoy this photo taken of my vizsla, Sadie, and her pups in 1972. She gave birth to twelve of the darlings! After experiencing a dozen little redheads we decided that Sadie had done her bit as far

Etienne Leroy Clinic

We videotaped the lessons Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The temperature was COLD. The wind howled. It was damp. Sitting still, holding the camera motionless, zooming in on the subject…all very challenging in those weather conditions. When Monday (the final day


A talented friend of ours, Robb Roberts, created a prototype for the floor piano. He put a hinge at the front attaching a piece of wood the width of a key extending onto the key. He also placed a round

Brotherly Competition

Bob, our farrier, was here yesterday. As I stood there holding each horse my mind easily drifted back to when they first arrived here as weanlings. Trimming then was very entertaining! Nowadays Zelador and Zeloso are pleasantly boring. Except six-year-old

“The Hand”



Saturday Bill and I rode the boys. He remarked several times that Zelador and Zeloso (born in 2004) had matured beautifully this past year. I mentioned that Christi McQuaker commented Friday that when horses became six years old, things improved!