Grizz, a stakes winning hurdler by Chief Bearhart.

Champion Chief Bearhart dies in Japan

Chief Bearhart, who was voted champion turf male of 1997 and was twice named Canadian Horse of the Year in 1997-98, died Tuesday in Japan. The 19-year-old, who was suffering from heart failure, had been a stud at the Japan Bloodhorse Breeders’ Association (JBBA) Shizunai Stallion Station.

“As Chief Bearhart had been suffering from ill health since early April, we stopped breeding him at that time and had been treating him as best as we can, but unfortunately we are very much saddened that our efforts have come to an end,” the JBBA said in statement. “We were hoping he might recover and be able to sire many more winners. Although that did not happen, nothing changes the fact that he was a very good sire for us, and we are very happy to have had the opportunity to stand him.”

Bred in Ontario by Richard Maynard…

The ‘Chief’ – by M. Burns



UNCAPTURED EARLY KY. DERBY FAVE….bred by Bill Graham of Caledon, Ont.


Las Vegas oddsmaker tabs Uncaptured 30-1 Derby favorite
by By Jennie Rees, USA TODAY Sports

Wynn Las Vegas sports-book manager and oddsmaker John Avello is officially opening the casino’s 2013 Kentucky Derby future book this morning. Last year eventual winner I’ll Have Another opened at 200-1.

Avello has tabbed unbeaten Canadian star Uncaptured the 30-1 favorite over Saratoga’s Hopeful winner Shanghai Bobby (40-1). We asked Avello about making his first Derby line 7 1/2 months before the Churchill Downs classic.

How do you decide on the earliest favorite?

I start logging the 2-year-olds probably in May….the ones I think could be potential candidates. I look at who I think is the better horse, or horses, out of that list. I kind of rank them from best to–and I don’t want to say worst, because there are a lot of horses out there. The horses that are 200-, 250-, 300-1 also are potential candidates to win. Basically (the favorite) is…a horse who has shown the most versus one that hasn’t shown as much — so far, because it is awful early.

Why did you make Uncaptured, who has raced only on synthetics, the favorite over Shanghai Bobby, whose races have been on dirt…


Subject: Toronto and Gang/Gun Violence

Dear Sir:

As a consequence to the latest summer of the gun, we have had numerous meetings between politicians of all levels of government, political parties, community leaders, concerned citizens et al. These meetings have prompted much discussion and well intentioned solutions. But, unfortunately, the only meaningful result has been numerous photo ops.

The resulting dominant themes identified have been the need for more social services, youth involvement programs and the need to foster a sense of community.

Toronto already has an incredibly successful program that meets these criteria. A unique example of co-operation between pubic and private enterprises that employs thousands of young members of our culturally diverse community: Woodbine Racetrack.

If one was to visit the ‘backstretch’ of Woodbine any morning, (6.00am would be ideal,) one would find literally thousands of ‘visible minorities’ hard at work. They are employed as grooms, hot walkers, stable hands, exercise riders, etc. Their commitment to their jobs, their pride in what they do, and their sense of community, is obvious.

This is all under threat as the Provincial Liberal Government cancels the revenue sharing agreement under the “Slots at Racetracks” program. Already some of Ontario’s racetracks have announced their closing.

If I was a gang recruiter, I would be standing by the Backstretch gate, handing out recruitment posters. The newly unemployed would be fertile ground.

G. Lang.

Ms Best:
The Ontario Government seems to be hell-bent on destroying the
Horse racing Industry in this Province by removing the Slots  from
the race tracks and going into a Casino that will likely be foreign
This will result in the loss of about 65,000 jobs that are dependent
on the racing industry.Under no circumstances will there be 65,000 jobs
created by a Casino.
The Slots have enabled the Woodbine Track to upgrade its facilities
and created a venue that has attracted worldwide participants.
This will now face oblivion.
I am not a horse owner nor am I associated with the Industry except
as a fan and spectator.I just feel that it is sheer stupidity on the
part of the Liberal Party.Looks like there will be 65.000  fewer votes
cast for your party.
I am a resident in your Riding and I voted for you in the last election.
Do you think that I could support this legislation?

A. Sidor