English primroses

O’Hanlon Eventing South is busy, busy, busy. There is another Canadian Team Training session this week that Selena is looking forward to. Angie Huber arrived on Saturday to spend a couple of weeks down south riding her lovely mare Wisher. Wisher and Rosein (our Irish Draft X sales horse) are running at Rocking Horse this weekend. As soon as Rocking Horse is over, Anne Marie Duarte flies down again to help with the packing up. The whole circus then starts the long trek north via ‘The Fork’. The three boys will once more be competing in the three star division there. It doesn’t seem possible that the winter is over and the horses will be on their way home in about ten days, especially since winter in Kingston is most certainly NOT over. It has been a wicked March for snow and ice.

Meanwhile at Balsam Hall we are keeping very busy. Last weekend we ran a conditioning lecture. As with most of our get togethers, there was lots of food involved. I must say, “lots of food” makes a lecture series something to look forward to. We are blessed with an incredible group of cooks and chefs at our barn.

It’s lesson city at Balsam Hall right now. Everyone is appearing out of winter storage mumbling about ‘only weeks till my first show’. This time last year we had already held an outdoor practice dressage show, in 2013 we still have two feet of snow on the sand arenas. I saw photos of British riders eventing in the snow, all I can say is, rather them than me! I am SO fed up with being COLD!

I am now writing this from Salisbury, UK. I am over here flag waving for Omega Alpha Equine who are opening in Europe. I had a nice walk through the cathedral, it’s years since I was last there. English news warns of the big freeze and I arrived this morning ready for a blast of Baltic air. However, I don’t think ‘big freeze’ really exists over here, it’s really not that bad. The main problem is the damp.

Unfortunately, the big event (Somerley Park) that I was hoping to attend was rained out. I was so looking forward to doing some famous rider spotting. Oh well, Rolex soon!

As I look outside the window, there are a few drifting snowflakes blowing down on the daffodils and primroses. I can handle a few snowflakes…