In the 24 hours since I wrote the last blog post, Selena has been named to the Pan Am Team. This was very unexpected and sadly comes with the withdrawal of Jordan McDonald’s ride. This must be a terrible disappointment to his whole team and all of us who have experienced both the highs and lows of eventing, empathize.

For us here at Balsam Hall, this has meant a flurry of activity and a weekend ahead FILLED with packing and organization. Solo is wait-listed for Morvan. After his fine showing at Plantation, Selena is keen to try to get one more Advanced horse trial under her belt before the close of the season. Colombo and Woody will run at Morvan as posted, but now Colombo will head back to Bruce Davidson’s with Selena and Woody will travel with team mate Jessica Phoenix and his wonderful groom Anne Marie Duarte to Florida.

I will be at Grandview with some training horses and will fly down to PA to pick up Colombo and the rig while Selena carries on South to meet up with Woody. Meanwhile, Emma Refuse will hold the fort with as much help as we can garner at short notice….phew….as I said, “what a difference a day makes.” You can see that a degree in logistics would be a fine thing for an eventer to list in their skill-set.

More logistical nightmares….the Mexican authorities are pressing that we do not take foodstuffs or supplements for our horses to Mexico. As most of you already know, at least four of the horses are sponsored by Omega Alpha Equine and are accustomed to being on that full regime, which covers prevention of ulcers right through to maintenance of joints and digestion. Selena herself is also sponsored by Purina and our FEI horses are on Trimax. I know that Selena will be very reluctant to change what has been a successful feed and supplement balance for this horse, but it’s going to be whatever the authorities work out. I am sure the Canadian Team are doing everything they can to get things on the right track for the total comfort and care of our equine athletes. Of course, the same restrictions will apply to the American team.

Now let’s get downright CANADIAN on this blog…..    The Americans I talked to in Georgia earlier this month think they have the gold team medal in the bag. I DON’T THINK SO!!!!! We have an incredible showing of proven horses and riders. Jessica, Hawley and Rebecca have kicked some serious two star butt this year. I don’t know James Atkinson’s horse, but it also has an impressive record. Woody is going to have to step up to the plate to keep up with these guys! GO TEAM CANADA!