Selena has been short listed for the 2014 team with both Foxwood High  and Bellaney Rock (shown here).

Selena has been short listed for the 2014 team with both Foxwood High and Bellaney Rock (shown here).

It seems that as soon as eventing season is over, it’s clinic season here at O’Hanlon Eventing. Selena and I have always done lots of clinics in the winter. Selena started being asked to give clinics when she was 14. She has been giving them ever since. We have both been very busy these last few weeks. Selena has a strong following in Vermont, an area into which we have sold several of the wonderful Watson horses. We have been taking and selling horses bred at Watson Farms, Ontario, for thirty years, it has been a long steady association with a wonderful family and a wonderful breeding program. Between the two of us there has barely been a weekend that we have both been at home.

Not everything is as much fun as the clinics. Last Friday we had a call from a dear friend to say her horse was colicing and could we stand by to take him to hospital. Selena picked him up minutes after the vet made the decision to ship him but sadly he did not make it and died in the trailer twenty minutes from the hospital. Nightmare situations like this could surely be addressed, we need an equine hospital in Eastern Ontario. Right now we have the choice of Toronto or Montreal and neither is close enough as an emergency destination. The same can be said of Northern NY who would no doubt use anything that could be based close to the border. I hope something can come from this gut wrenching tragedy.

On a cheerier note, Selena was given an OEF award for “People who make a Difference” through SLOV Pony Club. Selena has taught and supported the local pony clubs since she came to the Kingston area and she is tremendously proud to have been given this award.

Yesterday we found out that Selena has been short listed for the 2014 team on two horses. Both Foxwood High (owners John and Judy Rumble) and Bellaney Rock (owners Eventing Canada and Selena O’Hanlon) made the top spots. Even more exciting for me, my very own ‘A First Romance’ made the long list. I am SO proud of Selena and the three boys for making the grade in 2013. Onward to 2014 is what I say.

I will be posting again before Christmas. I know I will be posting again before Christmas because I am going to have photos I want to post! I just heard that Santa is coming to our arena on Saturday so that we can have our photos taken with Santa and our favourite horse. I have already booked myself for my Santa photo with Colombo 🙂