Settling in Ocala.

Well North Carolina was dark and foggy, South Carolina and Georgia were just plain dark and finally we unloaded at our barn in Ocala by 9:00 a.m. Slept for a few hours and we are now out buying hay and feed before we turn around later this afternoon and start the trip back with the empty trailer to get the next three horses from our barn. We are also picking one up in NC on our way back down. We have a full barn in Florida this winter.

We hear the weather has deteriorated a bit. The border vet not being there for us on Saturday made it tight for us to get back on schedule. Selena and Solo are due to ride as part of the Omega Alpha Team at Pro Cross Derby in Wellington on the 20th. Once you get down here there is no time to swan around, it’s all Go Go Go!

Hope to be back in Canada tomorrow night then leave again on Thursday.