At the dressage show today, I saw this really neat little 'van' that carries two ponies or one big horse. I have never seen anything like it but apparently they are all the rage over here.

This will be the last Florida post – next week is North Carolina. Anne Marie flew down on Sunday to pack up the troops and I fly home today…my airport bus leaves Ringwood in the New Forest at 3:15 a.m., ugh! I have had a wonderful, if slightly chillier than hoped for visit. Last night was minus 10 in rural areas, way colder than south Ontario.

Selena had Rosein at her first event this weekend. All was going according to plan until the show jumping. She had a very uncharacteristic two rails which took her from fourth to tenth. I think she was just plain old tired. Two days of showing, and her first outing just took it out of her and she was not perky enough for the stadium. Selena gave her a little tap with the whip after the second rail just to let her know she had to try her best and she finished the course in style. Selena is always disappointed when she has rails on an outstanding jumper.

From Games Day at Balsam Hall.

The horses are travelling on Tuesday, a day earlier than first planned. The Fork had adjusted the schedule and the O’Hanlon Eventing migration North sets off sooner than expected. I am very excited to have everybody home in about eight days….not that I am counting in any way…..

While the cat’s away, the mice shall play seems to be the Balsam Hall theme this week šŸ˜‰ I saw some very interesting photos and videos on Facebook of ‘gaming day’ hmmmmnn. I think it was too cold for the annual mounted Easter egg hunt and Mounted Games was the alternative Easter weekend activity. It looks like everyone was having way too much fun without me.

Nickyā€™s wardrobe malfunction.

Over here in the New Forest I have been swept up into the British show scene as though I had never left. I have been doing a few lessons and had two great days at shows with my friend Nicky Stephens. Nicky took her young New Forest pony to a breed show where she was third and today we were at a qualifier for the Mountain and Moorland dressage championships on April 14th. When we left the show, halfway through her class, she was four percentage in the lead. We are waiting with fingers crossed to see if she has qualified, first and second place get to go to Addington in two weeks. Omega Alpha Equine will be sponsoring the finals with prize bags, Nicky is all about winning one of those!

We had one little hiccup at the first show. As I got the pony ready, Nicky went into the trailer to change, only to find she had the wrong shirt. She has decided it might be time to get a his and hers wardrobe!

Well, next weekend the three big boys are out doing their thing again. I know this week will fly by and the excitement of The Fork will be on us before we can blink I will let you know how it goes.