A gorgeous Scottish landscape from Morag’s most recent adventure.

Now it is all focus on Bromont.  Selena is riding Foxwood High in the two star.  This will probably be his last two star outing and she is looking forward to it.  He competed at Grandview in the Open Intermediate, we are pretty sure he finished second but as Selena had to leave early to make the long trek home, we are not quite sure where he finished up, but he was a very good boy.  Colombo will do the three star at Bromont if that is the team’s choice.  Naturally we are not super keen to run him again especially since the ground is getting harder by the day.  I have heard that the American Olympic hopefuls are only doing a combined training at Bromont but of course it is all rumor and conjecture at this point.

After Bromont it’s training camp and England if all goes according to plan. Without knowing one way or the other, it’s hard to plan a Summer.  We are going to try to fit in a couple of fundraising clinics to help with all the little extras a trip like this will cost.  However, looking at the schedule, fitting anything in is going to be hectic.

I personally just came back from a week in Scotland.  The scenery was ridiculously beautiful with stark landscaping and soft, soft light.  I had a wonderful time and did not worry about Colombo’s bubble wrap for a single minute…..(lies).

Oh well, the next time I post Bromont will be over and hopefully the team will be announced and one way or another the stress level can wind down a notch.

In the meantime, check out this video of Selena O’Hanlon and Columbo at Jersey Fresh CCI***