Take one crisply pressed,  fluttering Maple Leaf and run it all the way to the top of the flagpole at the EC office (which I’ve never seen, but they must have a flagpole, right?) and give a shout of joy. For EC has bestowed upon us a press release. And within that precious document, contrary to the word we received five days earlier that the names of our Olympic team members would be in lock-down for the next three weeks, are the names of every single one of our nominated athletes for London. Thank you EC. I know it was hard, and I cannot imagine what feats of common sense had to be achieved in order for the announcement to be made. But right now I’m so happy about the fact that you actually shared the news with the world at large that I’m not even going to ask you why the press release contained information about Canadian Eventing, but not about Show Jumping or Dressage, even though all three disciplines’ teams were announced in the one release. As most of us have also learned the hard way, that’s the peril of using an already-existing draft for something new without fully assessing the headers and footers before hitting the ‘send’ button.

Never mind. The Right Thing has been done, and my only wish now is that we find an ownership connection between one of the horses and Stephen Harper so that Rick Mercer can dedicate part of an episode to our equestrians, as he did four years ago with the Canadian Eventing Team before Beijing, and as Stephen Colbert did last week with the horse partly owned by Ann Romney.

Also announced yesterday was our Paralympic Dressage Team.

Go Canada.