Just a quick note to let you know that tomorrow night (via a lovely red eye through Toronto) I’m off to the palm trees and law suits for my annual January pilgrimage.  WDM Palm Beach looms large on my horizon, and you can expect some unfiltered coverage of that event, now that I have shed my ‘PR’ responsibilities and am in my preferred state: free to say what I really think. I’m excited to finally set eyes on Steffen’s successor to Ravel, and I always enjoy some Scandic with my dressage. You may or may not be of the blue-tongue clan, but you have to admit he is some cool horse. Patrik gets full marks from me too for his freestyle riding. He knows to walk when his music changes and not when he gets to M, if you know what I mean.

I’m half thinking I’ll dare to set foot on the WEF grounds while in Welly and maybe even the ‘Stadium’ as it’s being called in all the Global Dressage Festival press releases, but I think I should get some kind of clearance beforehand, like they do with Hazmat loads traveling on public roads.  Even if I don’t venture into the Forbidden Kingdom, I’ve no doubt this blog will be filled with some tales over the next twelve days.