I said I’d wade in, and now I can report that I have. I estimate I’m about up to my belly button, which is not so deep that I am in danger of drowning, unless someone ties a rock around my neck and gives me a good shove.

Yesterday I spent an enlightening hour-plus with Wellington’s affable mayor, Bob Margolis. Bob was kind enough to meet me at short notice and he demonstrated apparently endless patience for my equally endless questions. I hardly knew where to start, since I have found so few objective facts to which to cling thus far. My interview with Bob was the first step toward what I hope will result in Greater Understanding of the Welly Wars, not only for me but for anyone who cares to learn. I will be posting the outcome of my interview with Mayor Bob some time tomorrow between flights (I have five glorious hours to kill at IAH).

Bob did not decline to answer a single question, which was quite refreshing for someone who has become all too accustomed to ‘answers’ instead of answers when talking to Bureaucrats and politicians. I know there are those of you out there who do not consider Bob’s voice to be an impartial one, but let’s get one thing straight right now: in a community this small, and with a situation this polarizing, I’m hard pressed to find anyone who knows as much as the mayor does about both sides of the battle and who can honestly claim to be MORE impartial than Bob is.


I’ll be doing more than wading if this becomes my only way to get into the Global Dressage Festival – and that moat has crocs in it!