I’m on my way home now via Texas to do some non-writing biz, and am very much looking forward to some quiet time in the real world of my own home to recover from my travels (a bit of etymology for you: ‘travel’ originates from the word ‘travail’ which of course means ‘work’ or ‘labor’).

As I prepare to write my column, entitled Battle Fatigue, for the first 2013 issue of Horse Sport International, I find myself feeling truly discouraged at the state of affairs regarding ESP vs. Jacobs/Wellington (at this point, the fight is at least as much against the village council as it is against the Jacobs family).  It’s like so many disputes I write about on my blogs and in magazines – it’s not about the sport, it’s not about the horses, except when you look at who’s on the receiving end. Why can’t everyone just get off his high horse, get on real horse, and ride off into the sunset with a smile and a wave?