Given that I blogged about this very topic yesterday, I thought I ought to share with you this morning’s FEI press release declaring Canada the only country still in the running to become the FEI’s next top model (host of WEG 2018).

I also wanted to direct your attention to a post on the Facebook page of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists. It’s a closed group so here is the text of interest to any DQ with a shred of integrity in his or her bones:

Global Dressage Forum Foundation Distances itself from North American Copycat

Dr Joep Bartels, founder and organiser of the Global Dressage Forum in Hooge Meirde, The Netherlands, is anxious that all members of the IAEJ are made aware that there is no connection whatsoever between the Global Dressage Forum, staged annually at Academy Bartels since 2001, and the inaugural Global Dressage Forum North America, due to be held in Florida at the end of the month.

Bartels has written to the United States Dressage Federation expressing his concern and dismay at the actions taken by GDFNA organiser Mr Andreas Stano. In the letter to the USDF executive board, Bartels says he regrets the way in which Stano “has copied our title and is using our name and goodwill to create the impression that this is the Global Dressage Forum.”

Bartels also points out that much of the text used by Mr Stano to promote his forum, scheduled to be held in Wellington, Florida, January 28-29, has been lifted straight from the GDF website. “While we have nothing against any Forum in any country; on the contrary; we are shocked by the way in which Mr. Stano, organiser of the GDFNA, has ignored our requests and copied the title and program of the original Global Dressage Forum.”

My official name for the event referred to above is the GDF Nah.  While it may hold value as an educational opportunity, I am holding to my principles and steering clear. Contrary to Machiavelli’s ideology, the ends don’t justify the means.