As you know, I have set myself a BIG GOAL while in Welly World: to wade through the swamp grass and try to find the ducks – the ducks that are fighting over the piece of land on the northeast corner of South Shore and Pierson. I’ve trolled all over the web, looking for any rational explanation of what is really at issue. And I know I’m not alone – no one seems to know what the law suits are about, whether the dressage shows have a special use permit for this year, etc etc. In my quest, I even looked on this morning to see if Ken had posted any new, inflammatory and inaccurate stories. And guess what: he has. This story reaches new heights of hyperbole; if there is one thing at which Ken excels, it’s a healthy measure of losing the plot, topped with a dollop of exaggeration.  One need look no further than the headline of his latest masterpiece: “Wellington’s Global Dressage Festival scores a victory over political opponents”.  Now, I’m a pretty careful reader, and while I can find plenty of conflations (look it up), as per Ken’s usual style, I utterly fail to detect any victory in the story.  It reminds me of that wonderful Wendy’s ad from the eighties. Lots of fluffy bun, not much beef.