One more thing in reference to EC’s spectacular approach to sharing our Olympic team announcements with the world. The planned announcement is supposed to happen at Spruce on July 5th. I don’t know what significance it can possibly have to announce the team at Spruce Meadows on a Thursday, especially given that the place holds no particular importance for the eventers or the dressagers. And I hardly think Canada’s media will descend on Spruce for this. Much more likely they will just sit at their desks and see a press release FINALLY come to them. But here is what is more significantly adverse about delaying the announcement by three weeks. By the time the stale news creeps to the surface on that date, the eventing and dressage teams will be long gone to England, making it impossible for them to give any live interviews with Canadian mainstream media.

This is getting more awesome by the minute. I had better stop thinking about it before I give myself an aneurysm.