The document you will find by clicking on the link below is not for those who lack patience, focus or the ability to wade through acres of meaningless tripe to find the filet mignon. But for those of you with sufficient curiosity about what CAS concluded regarding the FEI’s mishandling of the protest against Brazil’s illegal Olympic qualifiers, there is quite a lot of meat in there. Vegetarians, don’t be afraid. It’s tofurkey to you.

I’ll have some ruminations of my own in the coming days, you can count on that. In the meantime, I really wanted you to have a chance to peruse the original document, which CAS has still not managed to put on its website, despite the fact that the decision had its consequences several months ago.

Click on this link, and then when it takes you to the next page, click on the underlined ‘cas decision’. Enjoy.

CAS decision Dominican Republic vs. FEI and Brazil