Remember a few weeks ago I hinted that I would have an exciting announcement to share with you? Well, it’s finally time, now that my new blog is up and running. In keeping with the tone of this blog – Straight-Up – the new one is called the low-down. And just like this blog, it’s an avenue for my unrestrained opinionations on all things equestrian, and occasionally things other-than-equestrian.

You can find the low-down on the website of Horse Sport’s recently-launched international sister, Horse Sport International. The magazine was born last year, and while it has been circulated primarily in the US, it is soon to be available in an on-line edition that anyone in the world can subscribe to. There is no duplication of content with the Canadian magazine. It’s quite different, in fact. Here is the magazine’s mission statement:

“Horse Sport International delivers the most intriguing news and reports on the politics and people that shape international equestrian sport.

“Each issue features high-profile interviews and thought-provoking features from the world’s most engaging people.”

And one of those ‘engaging people’ is me! I have been a regular contributor since the first issue came out last spring. More recently I wrote a profile of young stallion rider extraordinaire Emmelie Scholtens, a feature on the recently launched Global Dressage Analytics, and an editorial piece on why dressage people can’t get along – specifically the fight over the FEI Dressage Committee rider representative and the notorious ‘blood rule’.

In addition to the articles, I will now be blogging on the HSI website every week. Since Straight-Up has a primarily Canadian focus, my more international interests will take up residence on the low-down, including my regular forays into the American scene. Please feel free to offer feedback in the comments space at the bottom of the new blog; if you have a topic you think I should be paying attention to, by all means make suggestions. I love help.

For those of you who can’t seem to get enough of my blog, you now have double the fun. And for those of you who love to hate me, so do you!

Hey, apropo of nothing at all except my growing disgust for the  crapulous slag-fest that poses as Republican leader campaigning, answer me this question: potential future first lady (heaven help America) or Angry Bird?