After I posted yesterday’s blog about my impressions of the opening ceremonies, I engaged the talents of a certain fine fellow whom I shall name SS for now, at least until I remember to ask him if it’s ok to share his full name with you. I first became aware of SS’s oratory skills back in March, when he read my blog to his fiance and me over video Skype. I’ve never laughed so hard at something I wrote than I did with his special delivery, so I decided it would be a crime not to let him shine for you on the pages of this blog – it couldn’t be a better fit, what with his delightfully appropriate accent and handy proximity to London.

Lest you be disappointed that you already saw this on yesterday’s post, the video below is one and the same as that on my Mr. Bean’s Olympics post of yesterday. But I’m posting it here just to make sure everyone finds it, including those of you who already took the trouble to read yesterday’s post before I had SS’s brilliant ‘bedtime story’ version on line.

SS will be donning various outfits over the next ten days as he helps me bring you a special Olympic edition of my blog.