Someone who likes to call herself Dressage Diva (and who apparently is not familiar with my well-publicized hatred of anonymous bitching) thinks I am talking out of school regarding WW III in Welly World. Perhaps through the last several weeks’ posts, in which I vacillate between being somewhat sympathetic to one point of view and then the other, I haven’t sufficiently conveyed the fact that I don’t really know what to think, at least not exactly. I know the dressage facility was very much needed around these parts, and I know that what has been built is receiving rave reviews from happy riders. But I don’t buy that old cliché about the ends justifying the means, so my internal jury is still out on that one. And I was rather surprised to see that the property ‘down the road’ is actually across the road. I do know that both sides have become emotional enough that neither can be trusted to express the cold, hard facts and nothing but. But Dressage Diva, whoever you are hiding behind your grandiose pseudonym, I don’t think you can accuse me of not at least attempting to give each side a chance to be heard on this young little blog.

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