A new milestone achievement for me: I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but this is my first ‘erudite’ (I’m choosing to believe it was said in earnest and not in irony). What makes me even happier about the two comments on my FEIDAY post is that both of the individuals who made them gave their full names. Oh, sure you say. It’s all well and good for people to sign with their names when they agree with me. But in fact, people who post comments in agreement with something I’m written are sticking their necks out just as much as those who disagree – in some cases, even more.

Well, I might just be a wee bit erudite, but I’m sure not omniscient. Further to my post of three days ago, I have been updated on a few details regarding the FEI, IDRC, Saudis and Dominicans.

1. Wayne pointed out that the IDRC has not reinstated the two members they removed in the fall. Apparently the current statutes don’t actually allow for reinstatement, only the invitation to rejoin the IDRC.

2. The Dominican protest with CAS is going to be heard soon, and there are a couple of legitimate reasons the Saudis are being heard first (big sigh of relief for me! Faith fully restored in the sanctity of CAS). For one thing, they need only one judge in the Saudi case compared to three in the Dominican vs. Brazil/FEI case. But probably more importantly, the FEI chose to waive its right to a 20 day period in which to draft their own presentation to CAS in the Saudi case, but they did not do the same for the Dominican one. A less charitable spirit than me might be tempted to mumble the term ‘foot dragging’ under his or her breath. But not me. I would never think that.

3. I did not receive the FEI press release about the embrace of peace between them and the IDRC, but everyone else apparently did. This happened once before, where I didn’t get an FEI release that others got, and that was about a topic of particular blogging interest to me. But I’m sure that’s a coincidence. I stand corrected that, even though I do believe the IDRC would have used a bigger smiley emoticon to describe their emotions than the FEI, the FEI did send out the news of the reconciliation. It’s just that I didn’t get it. And no, it’s not in my spam or junk folders. I checked.