Yes, it’s true. Sandy is much more far reaching in ‘her’ impact than anyone could have imagined. Stephen Clarke is grounded in New York instead of warming a seat here and preparing to give what I am sure would have been another of his charming, candid presentations. Damn that Sandy.

The GDF this year has a rather strange defining feature: dry mouth. It descended first on Princess Benedikte, President of the recently formed Global Dressage Foundation, during the opening address yesterday. Her voice cracked more times than a 13 year old boy’s. I felt like running over to her with a glass of water, but I am completely unversed in Royal etiquette and (wisely I think) decided not to risk being the gauche girl in journalists’ row. Ingrid had cotton chops last night, and a couple of panelists today have sounded like the insides of their mouths are made of double sided tape.

I’ll be back later, but first I have to get through an unexpected appearance on the panel following the presentation of Jonny Hilberath and Helen Langehanenberg. I’ll make sure to have a good swig of water (or liquid  courage perhaps) before I take my seat.

This is NOT what it looks like. Tristan Tucker’s horse is not dead, and that tractor is not there to dig a grave – but he might want to rethink his props for next time