Just a quick post to let you know Hawley is going to be fine. The fall gave her a concussion and she has what’s called a stable sacral fracture. She broke her bum but it’s the kind of break where the bony bits are still where they should be. Unfortunately, the COC’s official statement said she was ‘thrown from her horse’, which is rather inaccurate. It would seem an innocent enough error – fell off, horse fell, what’s the diff, right? Wrong. The mass media trolled around for other info to piece together their stories and came across a Vancouver Sun Q & A that ran in the weeks before the Olympics. In that interview, Hawley happened to mention that when Ginny was younger she was a bit of a rogue and bucked Hawley off a couple of times. At least one news report I read last night came to their conclusion using the following logic, which is unfortunately based on a false premise:  Ginny had bucked Hawley off in the past, Hawley had been ‘thrown’ from her yesterday, therefore Ginny bucked her off on course yesterday. See what a pesky little inaccurate detail can turn into? Hawley did not fall off a bucking Ginny. Ginny fell after seemingly not quite leaving the ground at the A element of fence 3.

Anyway, the take home message is that Hawley is a tough nugget and will be back soon, I am sure.

Another bit of unfortunate news: Amistad did not present at the jog this morning. According to Michele’s FB page from last night, he has a tendon injury from yesterday’s travails on course. Sigh. This so wasn’t Canada’s week in Eventing at the Olympics.

Jessie will go on course shortly, so I must go. Don’t forget that the results are on line and on line fast, so you can follow the action at home.