Mission Control is at it again. I haven’t even begun to rail on about the revocation of the Associate FEI memberships, and they’ve already thrown me another bone-to-pick. Here is the email I received a few days ago from Wayne Channon at the IDRC, which outlines a new rule that affects all FEI disciplines, not just dressage:

“Dear Karen:

“If you participate (compete or show) at an event that is not authorised by the FEI or your National Federation, you will be BANNED for 6 months from all FEI competitions.This applies to ANY horse – so if you normally show your young horses or non-FEI registered horses at unauthorised national or local shows then you will be banned for 6 months.This applies to Riders, Horses and Officials from 1 January 2013.The only way around this is if your National Federation does not object to a local show – this is explained in paragraph 5.3 (see download below).”

Here is a link to the FEI’s paragraph 5.3, called the “Rationale for New Articles” in the General Regulations.  I would like to propose calling it the “dangerous slide towards an equestrian police state” rule. I’ll have more thoughts to share next week, but you can prep by doing the background reading over the weekend. Because I’m sure you have nothing better to do than read the fine print in the FEI’s latest foray into Big Brotherhood.

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