October 2, 2013

For Immediate Release

(Wellington, FL) – In an unprecedented move for a Canadian equestrian sport organization, Dressage Canada has appointed Kenneth Braddick of  the American media company www.Dressage-News.com the official distributor of all news of any large or small significance, with a special focus on items that directly affect the organization’s Canadian riders, owners, officials, trainers and fans.

The Wellington, Florida based Dressage-News.com launched its brand new client relationship by announcing the exciting Canadian Fortnight Event, which will take place during the winter show season in Wellington, FL.  The Dressage-News.com press release was published two days before Equine Canada, the organization  formerly and intermittently responsible for disseminating breaking news on Dressage Canada’s behalf, sent out its own copy-cat press release.  The wording of the EC press release is, in many places, identical to that of Dressage-News.com,  which reveals that the Canadian organization brazenly lifted content directly from the American website’s earlier announcement, which only serves to justify DC’s decision to move its media distribution to the American outlet.

If further proof were needed of Dressage-News.com’s contract to be the first to publish all Canadian dressage news before any Canadian media outlet, one need look no further than the two Dressage-News.com stories that celebrate the impressive results at Devon of Canada’s top international dressage star, Ashley Holzer. A September 27th (same day, wow!) story on Dressage-News.com highlights Holzer’s victories in both Grand Prix divisions, while a September 29th report  (same day and on a Sunday too! Double wow!) celebrates Holzer’s win in the Grand Prix Special. In its increasingly redundant role as second fiddle, Equine Canada issued a press release about Holzer’s performances in Devon on October 2. A link to the press release cannot be provided due to the fact that five hours after it was issued, the press release had not yet been put on the Equine Canada website.

It is probable that the decision to give Dressage-News.com the exclusive scoop on Dressage Canada news was motivated in large part by the fact that Florida has become the unofficial home base of the Canadian Dressage Team, regardless of the fact that some Canadian riders, resisting the call of the palm tree, are achieving important results in such backwaters as Europe.  It is widely rumoured that Wellington is soon to be declared the capital city of Dressage Canada.