Tiffany Foster and Southwind VDL competing on the derby field at WEF

I’ve been soaking up the sun of Welly World for a full week now, and thought I ought to report on all the Canadian action down here. There has been a lot.

The WDM Palm Beach had more Canadians than ever before, with four entries, which made up more than 25% of the total this year.  David Marcus and Chrevi’s Capital were the only Canadian pair to advance to the freestyle, and while Capital got a little overwhelmed in the atmosphere, David once again demonstrated grace under pressure and still broke the 70% barrier. The other three competed in the GP Special, with Jacquie Brooks and D-Niro delivering a pleasing test to finish third. Cheryl Meisner and Tango, who are only just rediscovering the show ring after a couple of years away from it, were close on Jacquie’s heels with their strong performance that improved on their GP the day before. The bad luck story for Canada at the WDM was when Diane Creech and Devon L came in and Diane began to ride the Olympic GPS, the one that was scrapped as of January 1 because everyone, judges and riders alike, hated it.  Of course, in the heat of the mortifying moment when the bell was rung, Diane could not possibly be expected to remember the old GPS, which has been out of use for two years. She was therefore eliminated.  I think she had the full sympathy of anyone who knew what was happening – she certainly had mine.

Diane and Devon L warming up for their abbreviated GPS performance

Over in the jumping world, there were a couple of exciting announcements at the NARG meeting on Tuesday night, including Spruce Meadows’ continued dominance as NARG’s favourite horse show.  Getting a dig in at WEF , which finished in an undistinguished 13th place (and which perpetually has messy construction going on well into the winter circuit),  McLain Ward applauded Spruce for their policy of starting on the building for next season as soon as the last horse trailer has pulled out of the yard after the Masters. Thunderbird gave up one spot this year to finish third in the rankings, while the Royal just squeaked into the top ten. Vancouver’s own (well, technically he belongs to Langley now) Brian Morton was on hand to receive the $15,ooo  NARG Grant for 2013. I’ve watched Brian progress from spanking naughty Shetland ponies to become the exceptional athlete and horseman he is today. The fact that he is just about the nicest young fellow in the sport makes him extra-deserving of this grant. I don’t doubt he will put it to good use.

A press conference marked the official start to the 2013 Global Dressage Festival season yesterday, and their first of a bouquet of CDIs begins today. David Marcus was invited to speak on behalf of riders at the press conf, and I must say his talents as a speaker rival his skill as a rider.

David wasn’t the only mike-wielding Canadian dressage ambassador this week. Ashley Holzer stepped up to the podium at the GDF Nah, reminding everyone that Canada will host the next Pan Am Games, and that it hopes to host WEG 2018. On that note, I must steer today’s post back to Canada, where the curiously dated December 2012/January 2013 issue of EC’s magazine (I’ve never seen an issue of a magazine straddle two calendar years)  has arrived in mailboxes across the country. I have no beef with the magazine, and I am in fact impressed with the look of the online version. But Mr. President of EC, if you want Bromont to be awarded the honour of hosting the World Equestrian Games 2018, you should start with getting the name right. In his presidential message, Mike Gallagher refers to the World Equestrian Championships not once, not twice, but three times. That would make it a WEC, Mike.

I’m off to watch some Canadians jump at the WEF today. I’ll be back with any news of note.



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