For those of you who will accept nothing less than a weekly post, here is today’s, which is really just a glorified auto-reply that I’m out of my kitchen office for Easter. I’m off to recharge my batteries on a sunny little corner of BC’s Gulf Islands, where there are no DQs, no EC politics, and no FEI bullies to be found. Don’t worry, I’m not going to forget to comment on the appalling Eurocentric anti-Americas Olympic qualifications, though I did read in the minutes of the latest FEI DC meeting this week that “The DC discussed the qualification system based on the model laid out in the document sent out to the Sports Forum participants the previous day. Based on further input and after discussion, it was agreed to make a revised proposal.”  Of course, ‘revising’ could mean anything from wording to a material change in who will get to go to Rio, but I’ll keep close watch over this important topic over the next two weeks. And fortunately, I have eyes on the ground in Swissland, in the form of a Canadian friend who is attending the Sports Forum and who promises to fill me in on all the between-the-lines bits and revealing body language she is sure to witness.

One more quick note of today: I was intrigued to see that the EC preview/reviews came back so soon after I blogged about their absence these past few months. I’m sure that’s a coincidence though.

In view of the upcoming holiday, my Easter gift to you is the video below. The bunny is awfully cute, but I think someone needs a girlfriend. Happy Easter.