The place of my birth, mentioned in my post of a few hours ago, is already receiving some attention. To pre-empt anyone out there who might be tempted to harbor doubts as to the verity of my claim that a) I was born at all (and therefore am not a puppet) and b) I was born in a perma-frost town above the Arctic Circle, I hereby offer you my birth certificate:

Further to my post of earlier today, I received an email from one incredulous reader who found it remarkable that after all the fighting it’s possible the hotel that never was will be built on the site that WEP has had in its possession all along, that is already zoned for such development, and on which (probably) no one would have minded seeing a hotel built. I likened it to getting from 10 to 11 o’clock by going the wrong way around the clock  for 11 hours to get there.