Karen Robinson blogging Straight-Up

Hello! Karen Robinson here. You may already be familiar with my writing, either in the pages of Horse Sport magazine or other publications and websites. I am one of those lucky equestrian journalists who gets to cover stuff like the Olympics; while I'm at such exciting events I am exposed to all manner of side stories and controversy, much of which doesn't make it into my articles. The blog that you will read here is the place I can share some of those stories. When I'm not writing articles or this blog, I design freestyles with my company Applause Dressage. I also ride my KWPN gelding Theo in the safe atmosphere of a dressage ring, having long given up the adrenaline of eventing. And when I'm not doing any of those things, I can usually be found traveling somewhere sunny with my husband Jan, and when possible, Dachshund Chorizo.

Elusive Ones

I know there are those of you out there who believed that the Aachen dressage this year would be more interesting than WEG, but I beg to differ. I think Aachen has been a fantastic appetite-whetter for the battles to

Heavenly Bodies at an Ungodly Hour

A friend and colleague has called me ‘hardcore’ because I got up at 4 am yesterday to watch the Dressage Nations’ Cup in Aachen. But if truth be told, I’m more insomniac than dressage obsessive. And I hope to catch


Muy buenos dias! I come to you today from the loving bosom of Central America, where I have spent the last five days working with some lovely horses and their delightful riders in Guatemala and Costa Rica, making sure they

Nothing To Declare

Today’s post starts with a couple of handy hints to the Canadian Eventing High Performance folks. To the riders: if you want to get on a team, you have to fill out this silly little document called a declaration form,

Counting Stars

Well, the WEG team announcements are flowing fast and furious now.  One of the most anticipated of the lot in Canada is, of course, the Dressage Team. When they set the score cut off at 70% there were more than

Busted at Badminton – Pippa Cuckson weighs in

I am delighted to share with you today the insightful reflections of UK journalist extraordinaire Pippa Cuckson, who has much to say about this year’s Badminton, and the recent tragic deaths of Canadian Jordan McDonald and Benjamin Winter of Germany.

FEI Launches New Product Line

FEI PRESS RELEASE Vancouver (CAN)  June 19, 2014 FEI Launches New Product Line In its never-ending quest to appear to be upholding the principles of horse welfare and fair play, the FEI has today announced two exciting new products. Developed

A Day for Sad Reflection

I wish to express my deepest condolences to the family and many friends of Jordan McDonald. If the horse community in Canada is a small one, where there is never more than a degree or two of separation among us,

In With a Bang

What a first day of work for Eva Havaris! Her shadow had barely darkened the doorstep before she faced her first order of business: to provide a quote for what is one of the biggest announcements in Canadian equestrian sport

Canada 1, Kentucky 0

So WEG is going to Bromont. I can’t exactly say ‘I told you so’, because I was never convinced the Bromont bid could pull it off, especially after last year’s humiliation. In case you didn’t deem it important enough to