Karen Robinson blogging Straight-Up

Hello! Karen Robinson here. You may already be familiar with my writing, either in the pages of Horse Sport magazine or other publications and websites. I am one of those lucky equestrian journalists who gets to cover stuff like the Olympics; while I'm at such exciting events I am exposed to all manner of side stories and controversy, much of which doesn't make it into my articles. The blog that you will read here is the place I can share some of those stories. When I'm not writing articles or this blog, I design freestyles with my company Applause Dressage. I also ride my KWPN gelding Theo in the safe atmosphere of a dressage ring, having long given up the adrenaline of eventing. And when I'm not doing any of those things, I can usually be found traveling somewhere sunny with my husband Jan, and when possible, Dachshund Chorizo.

B.O.W. W.O.W.

That’s the acronym for my post-Normandy blog series, Best Of WEG, Worst Of WEG. One of the kinder things I’ve been called in this business of horse writing is a barking dog, so the name seems appropriate. And in keeping

Worst Equestrian Games

Just a quick note to let you know I’m not done with WEG, but it will be a couple of days before I put my wrap up together and post it here. I’m working on a ‘highs and lows’ of

All Over But the Flying

(sorry for the absence of pictorial accompaniment today, but the internet here is too slow to upload any photos) As the last of the Canadian team members – the jumpers and the vaulters – are winging their way homeward, it

C’est Fantastique!

I arrived today looking forward to watching our very last Canadian WEG team member at these 2014 World Equestrian Games compete in the individual jumping final. I was blissfully but briefly unaware that Yann had pulled out of today.  He

I Am Not a Cheerleader

Sorry folks, but if you are one of the people who posted comments yesterday who think I should put on rose tinted glasses, you aren’t going to get any joy from me today.  I am not here to tell you

From Bad to Worse

Yes, it really did get worse. And I know it’s not just me. The people around me in the media tribune are also wavering between boredom and disgust. A new low was achieved this afternoon when Chilean rider Tomas  Couve

Marathon at d’Ornano

The word ‘marathon’, used in relation to a WEG, usually refers to the marathon of the Four in hand Driving, or the incredible (and inhumane IMO) distance of the Endurance race. But today the marathon is at the show jumping,

Merde Happened

I’ve already gone on enough about the appalling lack of traffic planning at the Haras du Pin on Saturday, so now I will turn my attention to the actual sport, which was not Eventing’s finest hour. Because of the footing

Cluster at the Cross Country

If you are feeling sad to have missed coming to France for the WEG Eventing, don’t. You probably would have missed the cross country anyway and resorted to watching it on TV like my friends who sat in stationary traffic

K-Rob’s Freestyle Opinionations

I’m going to do this in chronological order, so that if you watched (or are watching archived FEI TV footage) my comments follow the same order. I did miss Parzival. I had to get a friend to a train and