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    Pat Parelli’s Seven Games


What are the Parelli Seven Games?

by Pat Parelli


Before you ever get on a horse’s back, you should get to know him. Make sure you have a language and a way to communicate before you ride. The myth that has lead so many of us to just saddle up and get on is why so many people get into trouble. Don’t just get on him! First establish a relationship. You need connection, understanding and acceptance from your horse. You need a language you can rely on.

It is your responsibility to become your horse’s leader and teach him to become calmer, smarter, braver, more athletic, to trust your judgment, try whatever you ask him without resistance, yield to and from pressure, negotiate obstacles, go sideways and back up with ease.

The Parelli Seven Games will help you do this, and it will also serve as a diagnostic system to help you find holes in your horse’s development, to know why they are there and how to fix them. These games are one of the most exciting developments in horse-human education and communication. It is a systematic approach to developing a language and communication system with a horse, based on the same games that horses use to establish friendship and leadership with each other. The horse that ‘wins’ all Seven Games becomes the alpha of the herd. Our task is to become that alpha for our horse.

Every single thing you do with your horse is one or a combination of the Seven Games. If you can become skilled at all seven, so good that even your horse is impressed, there’ll be no limit to what you can do or learn to do with a horse given the time, the attitude, and the pathway.

I’ve given each game a number because it’s important at first that you play them in order while you’re learning and teaching them to your horse.

Learning to Play the Seven Games that Horses Play

All horses are masters of these games and your horse probably already plays them with you. Once you can play them to the point that you are better at all the Games than your horse, you will prove to him that you are smarter, more athletic and faster. That is when your horse will start to consider you his alpha. This is what respect is all about. A respectful horse is not afraid, not dull, not over-excitable, not scared, not resistant, not aggressive and not resentful. He is just the opposite of all that!

Horses look to their alpha for direction, confidence and safety. They trust the alpha’s judgment and follow suggestions without hesitation. Horses are natural followers when they find a natural leader. Learning the horse’s language, the Seven Games, teaches you how to be your horse’s natural leader. In addition, the Seven Games are a great way to exercise your horse… mentally, emotionally and physically and naturally!

Game #1

Game #2

Game #3

Game #4

Game #5

Game #6

Game #7









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