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Equine Canada Launches Official National Horse Day Celebration

Equine Canada (EC) is pleased to announce a new national format for Horse Day celebrations in Canada. Previously, Horse Day’s fun filled family events were organized at local levels without a formalized process that would provide Canadians in every province

Alberta’s Wild Horse Population is Down

The Alberta government has reported that the wild horse population in that province has declined since last year, by 10 per cent. Following the 2013/2014 capture season, in which 15 wild or feral horses were rounded up, the Alberta Environment

A Canadian Link to European Horse Meat Scandal

Dutch meat trader Jan Fasen, who worked for Draap Trading, the company at the centre of last year’s European horse meat scandal, is currently in custody as subject of a meat-labelling fraud investigation. The charges stem from an incident in

Horse Publications Group Inducted into Can-Am Hall of Fame

The Can-Am Hall of Fame, launched in 2013, was designed to recognize world-class contributions to the equine industry. The program welcomes nominations from the public in a variety of categories. Submissions are narrowed down by an elected committee comprised of

Jennifer Anstey, of the Horse Publications Group, with her son Lewis, with fellow 2014 Can-Am Hall of Fame inductees.

Duane Latimer Hits Two Million Dollar Rider Milestone

Duane Latimer unofficially become the National Reining Horse Association’s (NRHA) newest Two Million Dollar Rider after his performance at the National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC) in Katy, Texas. In addition to his outstanding performance at the 2014 NRBC aboard Topsail

Equine Guelph: Trailering With Safety in Mind

As a horse owner, it’s likely that it will be necessary to trailer your horse at one time or another. Whether it’s a short distance to nearby trails or several hours’ drive to a competition, with a bit of care

Equine Canada Responds to Bill C-571

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition has revealed, on their blog, the content of a letter sent from Equine Canada to MP Alex Atamanenko, author of the Bill C-571, which was recently read in the House of Commons. In it, the

OVC Offers A Guided Tour of Equine Anatomy

A Guided Tour of Equine Anatomy is a dissection workshop offered to horse enthusiasts and professionals alike to help them understand equine anatomy first hand. Led by Ontario Veterinary College researcher and anatomy instructor, Dr. Jeff Thomason, this unique educational

A Guided Tour of Equine Anatomy will be conducted by Dr. Jeff Thomason on April 26 and 27, 2014.