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Free trip-planning app for Pan Am Games

Free trip-planning app for Pan Am Games

If you want to know the fastest route to take to get around from venue to venue during the Pan Am Games, where to park, shuttle locations, real-time info about road closures due to accidents, even a booking feature for…


Pan Am Games Torch to Pass Through CEP on June 13

The Toronto 2015 Pan Am flame will visit the OLG Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park in Palgrave at 11:25 a.m. on Saturday, June 13. The Pan Am flame will start the day at the Orangeville Farmer’s Market before heading to…


Proposed EIA Risk Management Strategy

Equine Canada (EC) would like to advise all stakeholders that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is seeking input on a proposed strategy for future Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) control in Canada. The deadline for comments is June 1st. Equine…

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) is a persistent and incurable viral disease of equines, which is transmitted almost exclusively through blood or blood products on the mouthparts of biting insects.

Horse Experience 2015 Online

The Horse Experience 2015 team is pleased to announce that our website is now live! Visit to view a calendar of exciting events, from a Standardbred Racing Dinner and Tour to an exclusive Movie Night featuring the award winning…

Equine Foundation Donation to aid in Lameness Evaluation

The Equine Foundation of Canada has contributed $16,000 to Equine Guelph. This donation covers 80 per cent of the purchase price of an Equinosis Lameness Locator®, which will benefit both research projects and education by providing an objective method of…

Nancy Kavanagh, Ontario's EFC representative and secretary presents $16,000 cheque to Equine Guelph director, Gayle Ecker. Photo by Henrietta Coole

Gayle Ecker is Equine Industry Vision Award Finalist

Gayle Ecker, director of Equine Guelph, has been selected as one of four finalists for the prestigious Equine Industry Vision Award for 2015. Intended to recognize innovation, leadership and service in North America, the Equine Industry Vision Award, sponsored by…

Activists Protest Live Horse Export for Slaughter

Animal rights organizations joined forces at the Calgary Airport Authority’s annual general meeting on Thursday April 16, 2015, with 14 protesters waving signs and posters in front of the Aerospace Museum, and along McCall Road nearby. The rally was jointly…

Why do Older Horses get More Tendon Injuries?

New research into how tendons age has found that the material between tendon fibre bundles stiffens as it gets older and that this is responsible for older horses being more susceptible to tendon injuries. Researchers from Queen Mary University of…

CVO Releases Practice Standard in Dentistry

Veterinarians in Ontario now have a clear picture of what is expected of them in the delivery of veterinary dentistry. After extensive consultation, the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) Council approved a revised Professional Practice Standard on Veterinary Dentistry….


The Royal Unveils Plans for 93rd Season of ‘Farm fresh Fun™’

Fall may still be several months away, but organizers are already lining up a full slate of competitions, farm-focused entertainment and educational activities for the 93rd annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in November. Building on investments it has made over…

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