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Study Sets Standard for Equine Lung Research

Val Sanford has seen first hand the negative effects of respiratory problems on horses’ performance in the show ring and on the trail. Sanford, owner and manager of Copper T Warmblood Stables near Saskatoon, Sask., has a horse that suffers

A WCVM equine lung study has confirmed that foals are born with all of their respiratory components present and functioning. Photo: Myrna MacDonald.

21st Annual All About Pets Show

The All About Pets Show, featuring Ontario’s Mane Event, is an entertaining extravaganza for animal enthusiasts of all ages, featuring everything from cats and dogs, to horses, fish, and even reptiles. On Easter weekend, April 18 -20, some 20,000 people

Stem Cell Therapy at Equine Guelph

Stem cell therapy at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) Health Sciences Centre is yielding promising results in the treatment of tendon injuries in horses. Two horses are currently being treated using allogous stem cells – cells that were banked and

New Working Equid Veterinary Manual

Leading international equine welfare organisation the Brooke has captured 80 years of its veterinary expertise in a pioneering book out this month. The Working Equid Veterinary Manual is the first of its kind in the veterinary industry. Hundreds of copies

The Working Equid Veterinary Manual is available on Amazon.

2014 Alberta Wild Horse Cull is Over

Arrests and sit-in protests peppered the feral horse capture season this year as the Alberta Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resources Development (ESRD) issued three capture permits in January, allowing for the removal of up to 196 feral horses from

One herd of wild horses near Sundre, Alberta, taken last November.Photo by Bob Henderson, of the Wild Horses of Alberta Society

US President’s Budget Will Not Fund Slaughter

Earlier this year, it was reported that the United States Congress would withhold federal funding for horse slaughter plant inspections in 2014. It has now been announced that president Barack Obama has extended the funding freeze until September 2015. This

Cases of Strangles in Waterloo-Wellington County

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF) has received reports of several cases of equine Strangles (S. equi sp. equi infection) in the Waterloo-Wellington County area. Strangles is not a reportable disease in the province of Ontario, however, it

New Equine Health & Nutrition Blog is pleased to present a new blog by equine nutritionist Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D., a regular contributor to Horse Sport, Horse-Canada and Canadian Thoroughbred. The Equine Health & Nutrition Blog will offer regular updates and insight on current studies and

US Horse Slaughter Update

Following a two-hour hearing on Friday, January 3rd, a temporary restraining order to block the opening of Valley Meat Co. has been extended for an additional 10 days. The New Mexico slaughterhouse, owned by Rick De Los Santos, was slated

Equine Canada Loses Another CEO

Less than ten months after hiring new CEO Jean-Christophe Gandubert, Equine Canada is once again without a leader. Late Tuesday evening, Equine Canada issued a brief statement announcing his departure: Equine Canada regrets to announce that its Chief Executive Officer