A shot from the fashion show.

It is freezing here… I have never experienced such cold weather. For the last five days it’s been between -5 and – 18 and with snow. But thankfully the sun is shining the last few days – that makes you feel a little bit better. I have now learned something about myself: I am not a cold weather person and everyone gets a kick out of it here because they say “But you’re from Canada” and I just laugh and say, “I’m from Vancouver. It doesn’t get this cold!” Nevertheless, I am surviving it.

This past weekend I went to a fashion show in Eindhoven, it was a really interesting show. Some clothes were really nice others kinda made you think would that work in real life… probably not but it was really cool to see. A friend of mine was walking in the show, so it made it more special.

I have been working my butt off in the gym lately, making really good progress with my trainer. I love the adrenalin rush I get from training. It’s really satisfying. I am able to challenge myself more and more every week :).

Vitall’s nose is almost healed up. It’s taking a little bit longer, as he tore the skin off again…. silly thing!! I’ve been putting cream on it every day, so it is healing swiftly.