Alex and Vitall

I am sure everyone has been wondering over the last little bit where Vitall is and why haven’t I written about him. It’s a bit of a sad subject for me, and I didn’t want to put it out there until I for sure knew that my 2012 Olympic quest was no longer reachable and sadly it is not going to be possible.

A few months ago, Vitall injured himself and we thought he would recover in time, but it is taking longer than expected, and I am not one to rush a rehab program. I am all for the best interest of my horse and, in this case, it was in the best interest to give Vitall the time he needs to properly recover and come back at his best.

My new goal will hopefully to start competing him in the Grand Prix for the fall CDI Circuit in Europe with the hope to Compete in Frankfurt in December to finish the year off. Frankfurt is one of my favourite CDI’s I love the atmosphere there. It’s been some years since I have been there at Young Riders…starting to feel old. So, fingers crossed our plan works.  Over the summer I will bring him along and work towards our winter goals.

On another note, my other critters are doing well. Holland had some tropical weather that felt like we were in Spain or Greece instead of Holland. It was so warm, which was nice to get a bit of a tan, but my little Oslo couldn’t handle the heat so well and he was very angry with me that I was leaving him at home instead of letting him coming along. He didn’t really understand, but I knew I was doing him a favour. Edward is doing really well. Piete, the jumping rider I have riding him, is still on him and doing a super a job. It’s different for me to be on the ground being the “groom,” but in a way I like it gives a different perspective. Walking Star is also going well. I am still learning lots and he has been a great help to keep my riding up while Vitall has been out. I feel I have further myself and feel more confident in the Grand Prix, which gives me an advantage for when I start up Vitall again.

Seventh Sunday Music Festival

This weekend I am going to Austria to Fritzens CDI to watch with Joanne. I’m really looking forward to it since I have never been to Austria, so I will get to watch one of the best CDI’s and sight see at the same time… Can’t beat that!

I mentioned in my last blog about 7th Sunday Festival. One of the biggest music festivals of the summer was the other weekend and I had a blast! It was sunny had good friends with me was a nice day to just let loose a bit and enjoy the weather.