Vitall just had his final check-up this past week and he is A-Ok! He has been going amazing, feeling better than ever, and now we have the green light from his ultrasound showing that everything looks good and we will be back in the show ring in no time. I am so excited.

Our piaffe-passage transitions are becoming flawless. In the changes, he still gets a bit excited some days, but overall everything is going the right way. I have also been out hacking Vitall two times a week weather permitting 🙁 but I have found a few places I can do some hill work… yes hill work in Holland – it’s possible just have to search them out!

I really attribute Vitall’s recovery to the ICE-VIBE boots from Horse Wear Ireland. I have now been in contact with Louise Williams, who created the boots and shared Vitall’s story with her .I recommend ICE-VIBE boots to everyone, even if your horse doesn’t have an injury, they’re great to use and very easy. You can use them while you’re brushing, put them on during tack-up then just take them off and put on your normal boots or wraps. The nice thing is your horse’s legs are already warmed-up and ready to go. I have noticed huge difference.

The youngsters are also going great, totally different work then working with Vitall, but I also love it. I am so proud when they achieve something new – they always make me smile. I have been introducing trot pole work and also lunging them with the Pessoa lunging system. I much prefer the Pessoa system to side reins, with the Pessoa they’re much less restricted and they’re using their whole body. I can see thier backs lift right up and work from behind. I practice a lot of transitions with them and forward and back in trot and canter.

Fellow blogger and friend Karen Robinson was just over in Holland for the Global Dressage Forum. I did not attend, but Karen and I managed to catch up and have lunch together and she came to my stables, met my small herd of ponies. It was really nice to catch up with her and get the scoop on everything.

This past weekend, I went on a small relaxation weekend to a castle in Belgium just over the border from Maastricht and I also went outlet shopping at Maasmechelen. It was a lot of fun and thankfully it didn’t rain the entire time. The castle was not too big only 15 rooms nice spacious rooms comfy beds. I certainly caught up on some sleep.

One month and a half until I go home and get to see my family, but in the meantime, my Dad is over for a visit before I head home. He has some meetings in Germany and Switzerland, and I happen to be right in the middle of his travel plans :)!

The Royal is on this week. I wish was there. Everyone that is is going have fun! My website is also constantly changing with new pictures etc. so make sure to check it out

Video link for Ice-Vibe: