This year’s sample sale of Anky’s winter collection was one of the biggest we have had. The tables were full of clothes in every colour. I didn’t even know where to start, and I was having to do a power shop since I was only able to go up just before my lesson. But, in seconds, I found myself with my hands full. I love the purple colour for this year, so I grabbed two sweaters in purple a grey and a purple vest and one more brown sweater and a matching saddle pad for Vitall, so we are set in style for this winter.

Other than shopping, I have been busy training on and off my pony. Vitall has been going great over the last little bit. I am really starting to figure out the balance between us now and what kind of half halts he needs in different exercises for the piaffe. He needs little vibrations, passage little stronger half halts so now I am able to make proper transitions in and out of the Pi and Pa. Other than Pi and Pa, we have been working on my left half passes, which isn’t Vitall’s easier side. But each day as we work on it, it’s getting better.

In the gym my personal trainer, Twan, has been kicking my butt on working on strength training and Neuromuscular exercises with technique and balance. Really makes you work up a sweat, but I feel great from it.

This coming Friday, there is a practice test in Uden. I’m riding the Intermediaire II. I will post this coming weekend with an update.