Vitall with Piet Nijessen and I.

Vitall and I are back in training for the first time since a year ago, and it feels great! We have started training with someone new. It’s still new partnership, so I am not going to announce who my new coach is just yet, but so far I am really, really happy about what this new partnership is growing into. It’s going to be an exciting new chapter!

We have our first practice show Dec 13th just to get the feeling of being back in the ring. I entered Inter 2. I want time to see how much warm-up I need. I plan to seek this out over the next few practice shows before I enter into any National shows and International CDIs. Warming up for a Grand prix test needs to have a bit more of a game plan, so I am working on my plan for what is best for Vitall and I.

Last weekend Vitall and I had a lovely visit from his breeders. They were so proud to see him, and I was thrilled to see his baby pictures. It brought tears to my eyes how cute he was standing with his mom. I saw pictures of his grandmother too. It was a really special day, a day I will always remember and treasure.

The youngsters are going really well. Edward went out for a hack for the first time last week with Piet and I rode Vitall. Vitall was his babysitter. I was really surprised how well behaved he was. He walked along like he had done it his whole life.

Angel and China

In other news being the softy and animal lover I am I recently rescued two Chinese crested hairless dogs, 8 and 9 years old, China and Angel. A lady at my barn owns one and Angel turned out to be her dog’s mom, she couldn’t rescue them both and their owner had suddenly passed away. Long story short, they needed a home badly, their story really touched me so I opened up my home to them. Oslo has taken to them well. He seems to like having some friends and I am falling in love with them, making it hard to give them to their new home.

Christmas is fast approaching. I am blown away how fast 2012 went by, but I am looking forward to 2013 already. 2012 was a very emotional year, I learned a lot and I grew up a lot as a person and as a rider. I am heading home for Christmas for 10 days. I can’t wait to get a hair cut my by own hairdresser. It’s one of my favourite things to do when I get to Vancouver, other than, of course, seeing my family and friends. And I can’t forget to add Sushi to that list.