Right now there is a lockdown on all horses in every stable. Horses are not allowed to be transported at the moment due to a rhinovirus outbreak. Lots of shows have been cancelled. But the main problem is not the horses it’s the people who travel from barn to barn, so right now everyone is being extra careful and not touching any horse unless it is their own. I was making jokes with the girls and saying all the horses need surgical masks like we see people wearing at the airports. Hopefully, things settle down soon and we can all go about our business as normal.

Other than the lockdown things have been going really well. It is still and fresh and springy here. I even saw some flowers blooming and that always makes me smile.

My new outlet for fun is riding a friend’s horse in Badaf, this area close to where I live that is all sand dunes and great hills to gallop up and down on. I have also been lucky enough to have the privilege to ride a grand prix schoolmaster of a friend of mine and also a student of Sjef’s. She owns an older grand prix horse and he has been so great to practice everything on. I have been working on the zigzag and piaffe, passage transitions and riding all the lines that it just becomes second nature. It is easier to learn on a horse that knows it all instead of Vitall, as it’s a bit like the blind leading the blind. We have an idea, but it’s not solid. So, now I am getting it 100% in my system and transferring my new knowledge to him and it is working out really well. I feel like I am progressing 100 times faster! With the extra help of the GP horse, Vitall and I are really in the flow of the GP now and I can’t wait to get him in the ring soon and compete!

I have also reached a new level at the gym with my trainer, which feels really motivating. I have been working a bit out of my comfort zone and pushing myself that extra little bit and in doing that I feel fantastic. I have much more energy, I’m sleeping better, and eating better foods. I don’t even reach for the ice cream or chips. My body doesn’t crave any of it, which is always nice!

It’s exciting that London is creeping up around the corner! In our barn now you can really feel the excitement since some riders have already secured their spots for London. For the rest of us, we have to wait a bit longer, but it certainly gives everyone that extra little bit of bounce and drive to work harder.