This past week I spent in Rome, Almafi coast and Pompeii. It was amazing. The weather was 30 degrees every day. Great destination for a budget trip – I certainly found some great places, and when you’re a student or under 24 all the major tourist monuments are all half price. Big bonus!!

I was very impressed with the Vatican Museum, all the statues and tapestries were beautiful – you could get lost in there just observing all the history. The Coliseum was also incredible, and the views of the city were breathtaking. When I saw all the stray dogs I wanted to rescue them all! After two days in Rome, we made our way to Almafi coast. Driving through the tiny mountain roads was an experience on its own. I couldn’t believe how the scooters just come flying past on these tight turns. I think most of them had death wishes by the way they were driving. Only in Italy!

Almafi was beautiful crystal clear water and you could peer up at the mountains, all the views I miss from home, so I made sure I took them in.

Pompeii was my favourite part of the trip. Pompeii is a place I wanted to see since I learned about it back in primary school and it didn’t let me down. Mount Vesuvius is still an active Volcano. To peer down into an active volcano was one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen. You just saw little puffs of smoke. The old city of Pompeii was much bigger than I expected and the ruins are in great shape. To be able to walk around on the old streets and still see the marks from when people use to live there gave you shivers walking around these old buildings and seeing how people use to live. History is a passion of mine, so I soaked it in.

On another note, Vitall had a small holiday while I was away. The entire stable was actually on holiday, but now we have picked back up at work and Vitall is feeling great.  We will start preparing for our competition coming up at the end of August.