Alex with Kendal and Marijn

Alex with Kendal and Marijn.

This Past week, I’m feeling really good, Vitall was a star on Friday. He was a star from start to finish and he really showed his endurance because it was HOT! We had to warm-up outside then go to the indoor to ride our test. Walking into the indoor felt like a massive heat wave, like we just walked into the dessert, but we took it in stride and continued on our way.

I rode the Inter 2, with just a few little mistakes. He tripped in the beginning of the two tempis, and I made not enough steps in the first piaffe, but overall it was a smooth test. I really felt we were working together throughout the entire test. Next show will be Oct 16th and even more exciting my mom is coming over for a visit that week. Nothing is better than having my mom at a show with me. It’s just not the same when I’ve been going without her.

Other than riding, I’m still working hard in the gym with my trainer and I have come up with a good schedule now for my self-alternating cardio workouts, then weight training, and Twan has been working on different circuit training with me that really kicks up my heart beat to give my metabolism an extra kick. I came across this interesting website for anyone that is interested in healthy eating and some good recipes. I certainly enjoyed this site so check it out.

I learned a lot about food that I didn’t know. One thing most of us riders are all up to date on our horses nutrition, but not as knowledgeable about our own. Now I have Vitall’s diet down pat, I’m working on doing the same for myself.

The picture above is of the two girls whom I spend most of my time with lately. Starting from the left is Marijn, Anky’s new rider. She is from Holland and on the right of me is Kendal, an American who is Anky’s new nanny. The three of us have become really close over the last month and a bit. Feels really nice to have some good girlfriends who you can work hard with and at the end of the day be silly and have a good laugh.