The ladies enjoying a canal cruise in Amsterdam.

Last weekend I saw Amsterdam in the best way I think you can see the city, by boat through the Canals. It was incredible going through all these little passages and seeing all the different parts of the city. Amsterdam has so much character and it really feels alive. We were on a 100-yearold boat, which had been restored and runs on an electric motor which means it is Eco friendly :).

Our tour was about four hours long. We had dinner and drinks on board. We had an appetizer from one restaurant. We would pull up and then the food was brought on board and our captain would serve us. Then for our main course we pulled up to a different restaurant and the same for dessert. Was really fantastic!!! I enjoyed the tour from beginning ‘til end we started and finished at the Amstel Hotel, which I also recommend to anyone visiting.

Alex and Edward looking fabulous.

On another note, my horses are doing great. I am so happy with how Edward is coming along. He is growing into a really cool horse he is so loose and such a will to work he really loves his job. Vitall is also getting back into the swing of things, which I am very happy about. I have missed riding him. Just the other day I had a photo shoot with my boys, Oslo included. VItall handled the lights like an old pro and Edward actually did the same. He looked at me like “I know how to be pretty mom” and stood there with his ears up the entire time. I can’t wait to see the finished product. The photo shoot was for my web site. Oslo was also a good model, but he had his tongue out the whole time because it has been insanely hot the last few days and by the end of it he lay down in the arena thinking he had done a really hard day’s work.

LONDON 2012 has arrived!! Looks like all the riders from around the world are all prepared and ready to get into the arena. I am anxiously waiting ‘til I go there to watch Aug 6-9. I will be there for the 7th for the Grand Prix Special and for the announcements of the team medals… I don’t know who my bets are on for the Team medals, but I have a feeling it is going to Great Britain. But it is horses and the Olympic games anything can happen.

I wish all our Canadian Athletes GOOD LUCK and my fingers and toes are crossed for them all.

GO Canada!!!!!!